Underground Trailers

Underground trailers protect the equipment and operators from weather and debris, while providing the technicians with convenience and comfort in the field. Our custom design team will work with you to create the perfect trailer for your needs. If you are looking for a standard 8x12 tandem axle underground trailer you will love this floorplan. The 8x12 trailer has the same interior setup as the 7x12 trailer. The additional space creates a comfortable interior work environment and also provides exterior storage compartments that make accessing equipment and tools trouble-free at the jobsite the trailer. More workspace and more storage for your valuable equipment! Keep in mind if you prefer your own custom design and layout of trailer we can custom build it!

Underground Inserts

    Underground truck caps/inserts are a great addition to any fleet. These inserts allow access to once was hard to reach areas. These inserts are made from an all aluminum construction, this means the benefits of aluminum's longevity and weight come into play. Not only are these caps good for larger job but they are also great for smaller city's or contractors that are looking for great mobile lab that can be easily maneuvered and stored. Not to mention these are a great rental fleet alternative to a large box truck.

Underground Vans & Trucks

    Looking for the all in one Underground van or truck? Mobile Tech offers a complete conversions ready for the . Our vans are outfitted to fit your needs. Each unit comes complete and ready to install your equipment. The underground vans and trucks eliminates the hassle of fitting your rig and trailer in those tight splicing locations.

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